General Community Group Support


Rural Community Councils
Independent charities (not part of local authority councils) in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire providing a wide range of services to communities outside of the towns and cities. May be able to offer advice, support and information on general topics such as setting up a group, writing a constitution, finding funding, and recruiting volunteers, and with specific projects such as eco-refurbishment of village halls, setting up a social enterprise, improving access to services. May also offer services such as hire of projectors, photocopying etc.
CVS (Community and Voluntary Service)
There are CVS organisations serving most districts and boroughs in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, under a variety of names and offering a variety of different services. Typically, they may be able to offer advice, support and information on general topics such as setting up a group, recruiting volunteers, writing a constitution, applying for funding, identifying training needs and so on. Many also offer services such as hire of projectors, photocopying etc. Some have a regular e-newsletter which will include details of local funding opportunities.
Derbyshire & Derby
Nottinghamshire & Nottingham
Rushcliffe CVS

Local Authorities

Most district, borough, city and/or county councils in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire are members of the Local Authority Energy Partnership, and support this website. Officers or Councillors maybe able to offer help, advice and support – for example, an Energy Efficiency Officer might be able to give a talk on saving energy at home, or a Sustainability Officer might be able to give you a free room for your meetings. Talk to your council, or contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a friendly person in your local council.
Your Town or Parish Council
Your town or parish council may be willing and able to support your group in a variety of ways and could be useful allies in your work.


An Introduction to Crowdfunding: This defines and explores crowdfunding, a growth area of income for voluntary and community organisations. It explain the processes and benefits, helping you to identify where opportunities for crowdfunding may exist for your organisation.

Organising a Voluntary Event: a 'Can do' guide: A free government step-by-step guide to organsing a voluntary event.

The Do-ocracy HandbookWant to take your group or idea to the next level but not sure how? In the new Do-ocracy Handbook published by the Transition Towns movement, Mark Simmonds looks at what organisational forms and legal structures you might need. The how-to guide is packed with information and resources covering legal options, governance arrangements, tax compliance, charitable status and much more.

Guide to Public Engagement Across the Political SpectrumClimate Outreach has two resources to help you engage politically centre-right audiences in discussions about climate change. They’ve published an academic study looking at the best ways to talk about climate change with those who traditionally don’t engage with the issue. They’ve also created a practical guide to public engagement on the issue of climate change post-Brexit.

Climate Visual Images: A collection of curated climate images based on social research with thousands of people in Europe and America, plus guidance and practical resources to spark a more diverse, engaging and compelling iconography for climate change. The Climate Visuals image library includes nearly 400 images.