Visit Eco Homes Across Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire this May

Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire residents are invited to visit homes whose owners have made them cheap to heat, energy efficient and good for the environment. Almost 20 homes across two counties are opening their doors between 10th and 18th May as part of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Eco Homes Open Week. Details of houses which are open, and when, can be found on the event’s website

Visitors will be able talk to householders who have slashed their energy bills and now have a warmer home to find out how they did it. Technologies on display will include both the low-tech and inexpensive such as LED light bulbs, thermally lined curtains and DIY draught-proofing; and the high-tech such as solid wall insulation, solar panels, triple glazing, rainwater harvesting and ground source heat pumps.

Some of the homes are new and have been purpose built as eco homes, others are older and have been retrofitted. One is in a conservation area and several householders have sought to improve their homes whilst maintaining original features of the building. Some homes are mid-refurbishment meaning you will be able to see things that will be hidden once work is complete.

Tina Holt, owner of one of the homes, said: 

‘When we moved into our home it was draughty and cold and didn’t hold the heat we put into it. Now we spend around £200 per year on gas (plus a standing charge) and the same again on electricity. We earn more from our solar panels than we pay out on our energy bills. The house is a steady, comfortable temperature all year round.’

Caroline Harmon of Marches Energy Agency, organisers of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Eco Homes Open Week, said: 

‘We’re lucky to have lots of energy efficient, eco homes in the area. This is a great opportunity to see inside some of them and chat to the people who live in them about the difference it has made to their lives. You’re bound to come away with ideas to make your own home warmer, cheaper to heat and better for the environment, whatever your budget.’

Find details of homes that are opening on the event’s website


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