Campaigners Protest Lack of Electric Vehicle Charging Points at New Chesterfield Supermarket

Local campaigners have protested at the opening of a new supermarket, after the company submitted an amended planning application which removed the provision of electric vehicle charging points in the store’s car park.
In the original planning application for a new Lidl supermarket on Chatsworth Road in Chesterfield, the plan showed two Electric Vehicle charging points, but these were later taken out of the plans. The campaigners attended the opening of the store, with a banner reading ‘Where is the charging point?’

Members of Transition Chesterfield have also responded to plans for a McDonald’s drivethru at West Bars roundabout, asking for the EV charging points currently included to be made a planning condition if the development is approved.
This news comes at the same time that it has been revealed that the UK now has more EV charging points than it does petrol stations.