Derbyshire’s First Zero Carbon Housing Workshop is a Success

The first in a series of free, expert-led workshops on how to make zero carbon a reality, organised by Derbyshire Climate Coalition, was attended by around 70 people. The overwhelming message from three expert speakers was that councils have all the power they need to build low energy homes, but they do not always use them. The speakers stated that only 0.37% of homes built in Derbyshire in the last 10 years are A-rated for energy efficiency. Also, if we want to meet net zero target by 2050, a house somewhere in the UK must be retrofitted every 1.5 minutes for the next 30 years.
The good news is that Local Authorities by law must ensure their Local Plans address climate change. The example of nearby Nottingham City Council, which only sell their land to developers if they agree to build energy efficient houses, was given. By 2025, the government’s proposed Future Homes Standard will require any new homes built to use 75% less energy than previous new homes, which will be partly achieved by including low-carbon heating systems.   
Look out for more events from the coalition: