Falling Cost of Wind Adds Pressure on Government to Re-Think

New onshore windfarms built in the UK could cost half that of nuclear power and reach cost parity with gas fired power, according to a new report. The engineering consultant Arup found that the technology has become significantly more affordable and that wind turbines could offer a guaranteed price of power so low it could effectively become subsidy-free. The Hinckley Nuclear power plant developers, EDF Energy have been awarded £92.50 per megawatt hour for 35 years. In contrast, Arup found that onshore wind could be delivered for a maximum of £50-55 over a 15 year period.
The report was commissioned by Scottish Power, who hope to use it to force a change in stance from the UK government. Onshore wind has faced planning obstructions and subsidy restrictions following a move in 2015 to limit onshore wind turbine development in England. http://bit.ly/2eG7gSE​​​​​​​