Light Fantastic, Big Wheel, Nottingham

Nottingham City Council

Light Fantastic, Big Wheel, Nottingham


Visitors:                                                    approx 1200

Bulbs distributed:                                       2520

PowerDown Units distributed:                      160

CO2 saved (lifetime):                                   361,157 kg

Retained economic benefit (lifetime):            £131,326

The Big Wheel is essentially a re-branded green event, and what an impact the difference has. There was a massive turn out to the event will all cross-sections of the community attending. We managed to secure a great location near the entrance, and this had an instant impact – we were busy from the word go!

Luckily we had two volunteers as well as the two staff from the Council to assist. We had queues for the light-bulbs, general assistance and for the energy bike. We were able to help a number of people out who had changes all but their halogen and dimmer switch bulbs, but largely most people had not got to this stage yet.

The Council officers also brought along a number of giveaways, cloth bags, water saving devices, pens, food savers and staple less staplers. This was just as well as the PowerDowns had all gone by 11am and the bulbs by 12.30. We were able to get children to commit to being energy monitors for their own homes as well as also distributing carbon foot-printing and tops sheets. Matt from the council commented that he had spoken to more people in the morning, in more depth than he had at all the year’s previous events put together.

In the afternoon we were able to give more in depth feedback and assistance to visitors, promoting energy monitors and dealing with some tricky questions about LEDs (one of which was answered by my twelve year old son!). One visitor would not change to CFLs on health and safety grounds as they did not come on quick enough and he might end up falling down the stairs. It was pointed out to him the health and safety issues with getting on a chair 15 times to change incandescent bulbs and also that he could opt for a higher wattage CFL. He left happy with this solution.

We also dealt with many enquiries about solar panels – thermal and PV. We also promoted feed in tariffs which were unknown to most.

All in this was a fantastic event, with a great attendance. Many left very switched on.