Light Fantastic, Swadlincote Flood Fair

South Derbyshire District Council

Light Fantastic, Swadlincote Flood Fair


Visitors:                                                    approx 350

Bulbs distributed:                                       680

Powerdown Units distributed:                      200

CO2 saved (lifetime):                                  98,631

Retained economic benefit (lifetime):           £62,098

Wednesday 21st October the Light Fantastic visited Swadlincote and was situated in front of the Town Hall where the Floor Fair was located. Despite threatening weather, the rain never came and we had a steady flow of interest throughout the day. Many of the people who came to visit the trailer were then directed into the town hall.

Two representatives from South Derbyshire District Council were on hand to give expert local advice. Most people had low energy light bulbs of some kind and some had all but the most difficult ones changed. We were able to show these people the range available to them and direct them to stockists of LED’s GU10 replacements and candle type bulbs.

Younger people of the town enjoyed the energy bike and carbon countdown game, with a bunch of teenagers taking up the challenge to light up nine low energy light bulbs – it was actually quite easy as they only added up to 56W, less than the 60W incandescent bulb in the case.

We were also able to assist people with insulation and renewable technology enquiries. Several people have been thinking about solar thermal, and we were able to give them detailed technical advice, as well as advice on photovoltaic installations and one enquiry about domestic wind in a semi-rural location.