Light Fantastic Visits Sutton Bonington Primary School

Visitors: Approx. 48 pupils and 4 staff
Bulbs distributed: 120
CO2 saved (lifetime): 17140.8kg
Retained economic benefit (lifetime): £4958.40

We provided two one-hour workshops on climate change: one to Year Five and one to Year Six. Both classes engaged well with a powerpoint presentation and discussion about climate change. They had watched a play about recycling earlier in the week and were able to link some of what they had learnt from that with what we were teaching them. They also explained some of the activities they have being doing to gain Eco School status. They really engaged in the workshops and asked lots of questions as well as supplying their own thoughts on how we should tackle climate change. Using manure to generate electricity was a popular option with the first group as were cars powered by hydrogen which they had seen on Top Gear!

The children got a chance to see a mini PV panel and wind turbine in action powering small lights and a buzzer. Towards the end of the session each child was given the chance to have a go at powering a lightbulb using our energy bike. We even managed to entice one teacher on to the bike – who was immediately surrounded by her entire class egging her on to power a lightbulb!

We will be sending the school 120 lightbulbs to distribute to each child who attended to take home.