Light Fantastic West Bridgford Summer Gathering

Date: 15th May 2010
Client: Rushcliffe Borough Council
Venue: West Bridgford Park

Visitors: 425
Bulbs distributed: 310

CO2 saved (lifetime): 44,280 kg CO2
Retained economic benefit (lifetime): £11,724.20

We were fortunate with the weather which was dry, sunny and cool. Phil Newcombe, from MEA, worked with Jenny Parrington from Rushcliffe Borough Council, and MEA volunteer Nick Ward, to answer a host of sustainability queries across a range of technical and service delivery areas.

Most visitors already had low energy light bulbs in some of their fittings but not all. Many had struggled to find spotlights and GU10 replacements and we were able to direct them to online retailers as well as outlining the costs and savings associated with the bulbs.

There was some confusion amongst people about the different types of solar panels and we were able to advise and give them factsheets and discuss the new feed in tariffs.

Customers interested in improving their loft and cavity wall insulation were signposted to the Council's preferred installer with whom they have a management agreement.

The energy bike was popular with the whole age range of girls and boys, many of whom seem to find it an edifying exploration of electricity generation and energy conversion.

Some children also enjoyed playing the giant energy descent Snakes and Ladders game.

A very busy and fun day had by all!