Top Trumps - Exemplar European Project

Carbon Forum's Top Trumps project has been hailed as an ‘exemplar European project'. On Wednesday this week, Kris McGowan, Carbon Forum Team Leader, was invited to speak to delegates from across the West Midlands who are currently planning their own pan EU projects. Kris gave tips and advice, inspiration and assistance to the help steer applications from the University of Birmingham, Staffordshire University, Herefordshire Council and the Birmingham and Coventry Chambers of Commerce.

The Eco Vehicles Top Trumps pack was developed by Kris in 2008 and distributed to over 2500 school and to individuals across the globe. The pack is now out of print and has become somewhat of a collectors item. We will shortly have the pack available electronically for use. In the meantime you can view the Green Driving Guide that accompanied the pack here: