Members of Local Community-Owned Renewables to Speak at Events

Community-Owned Renewables / Low Carbon Planning Training Events
Friday 28th October, Corby, Northamptonshire: North Kilworth Solar Project. 9:30am-5pm (registration from 9:30am)
Saturday 29th October, Leicester SPEAKER: North Kilworth Solar Project: 10am-5pm (registration from 9:30am)
All events: FREE, Places are limited and pre-booking is essential by contacting:
Organised by Marches Energy Agency and Centre for Sustainable Energy
This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about community-owned renewables. This very practical event will equip you to tackle everything involved in setting up a community-owned renewable – from choosing an appropriate technology and getting your community onboard to finding funding and applying for planning permission.
NEW ***Speakers From Local Community-Owned Hydro and Solar Projects***
In addition, each event will have a keynote speaker from a local project – includingTutbury Eco Power at Nottinghamshire, Torrs Hydro in Derbyshire and North Kilworth’s solar photovoltiaic project in Corby and Leicestershire. The former is the first full operational community-owned hydro project in Derbyshire. The latter recently secured £60,000 of lottery funding for solar panels on a number of community buildings.
All community groups represented will receive a comprehensive handout pack, including DVDs, activities and exercises to take back to your local community. Get a sneak preview here:
The event will make use of the Plan Local Model, a 4m x 1m model of a typical town with various renewable developments.
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Fantastic Home Returns to Stapleford Carnival

The Fantastic Home recently visited Stapleford Carnival for the second time in three years. In addition to MEA staff and representatives of Broxtowe Council we were joined by our new local volunteer Paula.
The energy bike was in almost constant use by young and old throughout the day, and, as the photo shows, people got stuck into the carbon countdown game too.
Lots of people enquired about solar photovoltaics and we were able to promote Broxtowe’s own solar scheme. We even had a few enquiries from those that already had some solar panels but wanted more. There were a number of commercial installation enquiries and we were able to refer people to local, reputable installers.

Ahoy Me Hearties! Energy Advice For Pirates at Lark in the Park

Lark In the Park, a fun day for families in West Bridgford park with a pirate theme, took place on the warmest day of the year so far. The Fantastic Home exhibition was there with advice on everything from making the most of the current good weather with solar panels to insulating homes before autumn arrives. Advice was available to all – including those who came dressed as pirates!
The exhibition was busy for most of the day, helped in part by being next to Jo’s Jingles. Rushcliffe Borough Council were taking pledes for a low carbon lifestyle in their willow pledge tunnel and an extended display of leaflets and information connected the Fantastic Home to the pledge area.
There was significant interest in solar photovoltaic panels and we were able to give people outline outputs and expected income levels based as well as referring some people on who were very interested. There were also a lot of people who were surprised to find out that they had not enough insulation, these were directed to the new Warm Streets service.
The bike was in constant use and the carbon snakes and ladders game was also very popular. We were able to help families out with tariff switching enquiries and also direct people to getting a water meter fitted where this would prove economically advantageous.
A brief shower (as forecast) just before 4pm signalled the close of the day and was the first time there was not a large crowd around the exhibition for the entire day.

Hot Insulation Offers

The temperature isn’t the only thing that’s rising at the moment. Energy bills are also set to soar with three of the ‘big six’ utility companies recently announcing large price rises, and the other three expected to follow soon. So it’s a good thing that most borough, district and city councils in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire offer great deals on insulation for all private householders.
In many areas prices start from just £49 for loft insulation. If you are aged over 70 (or 65 in some areas) or in receipt of certain benefits you won’t have to pay anything for loft and cavity wall insulation. All private households – whether owned or rented – are eligible, although renters will need their landlord’s permission.
Some schemes can also help with solid wall insulation, replacement heating systems, renewables, free items and other measures that will make your home easier and cheaper to heat.
The need to be energy efficient is more pressing than ever.  The subsidies currently provided by local authorities won’t be available after the end of 2012 and the government have yet to announce the details of the incentives that will replace them.
Hard as it is to believe in the current heat wave, in just a few months we’ll all be turning on the heating as the temperature drops. Insulating your home now is a good way to make sure you’re ready for winter before it arrives and some schemes even have special summer offers.
To find details of the scheme for your area visit our Local Insulation Scheme section.
To find out how insulation will benefit you visit the Insulation section.

Broc the Badger Gets Some Energy Advice!

Broc the Badger visited the mobile exhibition Fantastic Home on 2nd July at Pary on the Rec, an event at Answorth Recreation Ground in Broxtowe. 
It was a busy event from the work go and we had a good position at the entrance. The stall was busy for most of the day, but as we had assistance from three representatives from Broxtowe Borough Council we were able to deal with more detailed enquiries from a number of visitors.
There was great interest in solar of both types and the local plans for a large wind turbine stimulated some great debate. We were able to identify a number of families that were on the wrong tariff for their electricity and point others to offers for free energy monitors from their utility suppliers.
The energy bike was in almost constant use all day and in particular from one boy who mastered powering 100W of lighting very quickly. He kept coming back wearing different clothes and with different face paint on so that he could have another go!
Broc the Badger, Broxtowe Borough Council’s mascot, did a great job engaging people and driving them to the stall from elsewhere at the event and we got even busier then!