West Bridgford Residents Power Lights at Christmas Event

The turning on of the West Bridgford Christmas lights got a boost from some local children who used good old-fashioned leg power to light up some low energy lightbulbs attached to an Energy Bike.
The bike was at the event with the Fantastic Home exhibition trailer which gave away advice on energy efficiency and free devices to almost 300 people.
Kris McGowan of Marches Energy Agency said:
‘The children got very excited with the challenge of lighting nine low energy bulbs on the energy bike, which as the day drew on and lighting faded, had an even bigger drawing effect.’
The Christmas lights were turned on at 5pm, but the trailer was one of a number of stalls which were present for the whole day.
It was also used to promote a local renewable scheme which helps people get quotes for solar panels for their homes. A number of visitors to the exhibition had questions about solid wall insulation and how to make older properties more energy efficient.
Free devices given away included powerdowns which turn TVs and computers off standby and showersaves which also save water. People who took the freebies will make collective savings of more than £60,000 over the lifetime’s use of the products. They will prevent more than 100,000 tonnes of harmful CO2 gases from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Community Groups Gather to Tackle Climate Change

More than 70 local people gathered at a conference in Mansfield last weekend to share ideas and experience of how communities can tackle climate change. Living for Tomorrow was a free event organised by Marches Energy Agency on behalf of the Nottinghamshire Climate Change Partnership. It allowed community group members from across the city and county to share ideas and meet with organisations which can support them.

Workshops covered a range of topics from how to set up a community-owned renewable or a community-run allotment to how to help your town go plastic bag free or organise local produce markets. Many of the workshops were provided by community group members themselves.
Inspirational keynote speakers came from community groups further afield and included Mike Kinghan, a member of Whittington and Fisherwick Environmental Group, which has helped 15 people to install solar thermal panels on their homes. Helena Cooke and Nick Green of Incredible Edible Todmorden talked about their group’s efforts to create community vegetable patched in locations as diverse as public parks and supermarket car parks!
Kaye Brennan of Netherfield Eco Action Team said:
‘It’s wonderful to be recognised and invited to share our experience with others at this level. We hope we have inspired others to try the same.’
Hugh Mclintock of the Nottingham-based cycling group Pedals described the day as: ‘a very successful and enjoyable event.’
Rob Crowder of Rural Community Action Network Nottinghamshire chaired the event and felt that ‘People went away inspired.’
Caroline Harmon of Marches Energy Agency said:
‘We’re really pleased that so many people were able to attend and to go away feeling empowered to keep acting to tackle climate change. So many groups in the area are taking initiative at community level, it’s great to be able to bring them all together to share their experiences.’
For some delegates the day began with a guided cycle ride from Mansifeld Town train station courtesy of members of Pedals, the Nottingham-based cycle group.

Community Group Members Gather to Tackle Climate Change

More than 75 people will gather this weekend to share ideas and experience of communities tackling climate change.
Marches Energy Agency is assisting the Nottinghamshire Climate Change Partnership to organise the Living For Tomorrow conference, a free event which will see climate change community group members from the city and county come together with organisations who can support them.
Workshop will cover a range of topics from how to set up a community-owned renewable or a community run allotment to how to help your town or village go plastic bag free. Many of the workshops will be provided by community group members themselves.
Keynote Speakers will come from community groups further afield. Mike Kinghan is a part of Whittington and Fisherwick Environmental Group which has helped 15 people to install solar thermal panels on their homes and 80 to install insulation. Helena Cooke and Nick Green of Incredible Edible Todmorden have helped created community vegetable patches and have even turned public flower beds into edible plant growing havens!
Caroline Harmon of Marches Energy Agency said:
‘We’re really excited to be able to help climate change community groups in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to pool their skills and experiences. So many groups in the area are doing so much to tackle climate change – we’re expecting it to be a really inspiring day.’

Latest Speaker at Nottingham's Corner Encourages Energy Saving

The latest person to take on the crowds at Speaker's Corner in Nottingham has encouraged people to save money and help tackle climate change.
Kris McGowan of Marches Energy Agency was in Nottingham on Saturday 6th November to demonstrate how the cumulative energy savings made by fitting a low energy lightbulb costing just £1 could eventually lead to being able to pay for a solar panel which could generate an income of more than £35,000! Intermediate steps included fitting insulation and a new boiler.
The speech was accompanied by the Fantastic Home trailer which gave away energy saving devices such as TV Powerdowns and Showersaves to more than 500 passerbys and also offered advice on a range of energy efficiency issues. Nottingham Warm Zone were also on hand to offer subsidised insulation for £49. Representatives from Nottingham City Council also conducted a questionnaire about people’s attitude to climate change which will help inform their production of a city wide climate change strategy.
Kris said: 'Thank you to the organisers of Speaker’s Corner for making us so welcome and also to the Nottingham City Council representatives for their support and assistance on the day.'


Visitors:                                                               540 (approx)
Bulbs distributed:                                                  270
PowerDown Units distributed:                                104
Sava Flush distributed:                                         110
Shower Timers distributed:                                     90
Self Audits:                                                           60
Shower Savers distributed:                                     23
Solar Referrals:                                                       1
CO2 saved (lifetime):                                             111,143kg
Retained economic benefit (lifetime):                      £60,826
Water saved (lifetime):                                          3,227,850 litres

Fantastic Home Visits Clays Cross

50 people visited the Indoor Fantastic Home at an event organised by Housing Association Rykneld Homes In October 2010.
We were occupied talking to people for most of the event. As well as offering advice and energy saving devices to tenants we also spoke to all the other stall holders and staff from Rykneld Homes and were able to give them advice and giveaways too. Towards the end of the event we also had a few visitors from the council offices directly opposite who had heard there were freebies being given out!
The new giveaways were really well received – especially the TV and computer powerdowns. The only objection to them seems to be that people have their equipment plugged into powersurge protectors; we were able to point out that the powerdowns include surge protection.
One person approaching the stall admitted that he leaves his home computer on 24 hours a day because he doesn’t like to wait for it to boot up when he comes to turn it on. We pointed out that it only takes a few minutes to boot up a computer compared to the many hours it is on without being used. He came back later in the day to ask for a for a computer powerdown and promised to give it a go!
A number of Rykneld staff tried out the Energy Bike. We also spoke with two members of their staff about domestic renewables and gave them factsheets on various kind of reneweable, FITs and RHI.








Visitors:          50
Items given away:
  • TV Powerdowns: 40
  • Computer Powerdowns: 28
  • Save-a-Flush: 34
  • Showertimers: 16
  • Showersaves: 1
  • Lighbulbs: 22
 These items were given to a total of 49 people. One further person didn’t take any items.
Retained Economic Benefit (lifetime): £16,092.04
Co2 Savings (lifetime): 10,459.48kg
Water savings (lifetime): 441,120litres