Switching Tariff

No one wants to overpay for the energy they use. One way to make sure you don't is to switch tariff regularly. If you've never switched you could save hundreds of pounds. Even if you have switched before, you should continue to do so at least once every two years to make sure you're getting the best rate.

There are a number of switching websites out there, and many also have a freephone number you can use to get in touch with them. The Go Energy Shopping website only lists switching sites that have been approved by Ofgem, so you know you're getting a good service. This website also explains how to understand your bill, read your meter, compare tariffs and more.

You could also consider Robin Hood Energy, the first energy company to be set up by a local authority, Nottingham City Council. They are a not-for-profit company with no shareholders to satisfy. Instead, they aim to keep prices low and to help customers save money on their energy bills.

Remember though, whilst switching tariffs is a good start, many households can save more money (and energy) through energy efficiency than they can through switching tariff. Check out our Take Action, Save Money section for loads of ideas.