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This section contains links to a range of organisations, websites and resources that can help community groups that are working to tackle climate change. Resources are listed under the following headings:

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1. General

Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE)

The Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) is an independent national charity, based in Bristol, that shares knowledge and experience to help people change the way they think and act on energy

  • Domestic Energy Advice
    The website contains lots of advice, resources and statistics regarding domestic energy concerns, and renewable energy. CSE also produces a monthly community energy newsletter.
  • Sustainable Neighbourhood Planning Support
    CSE is offering free, hands-on, tailored support and advice and assistance for neighbourhood planning including initial advice on the relevant sustainability and climate issues in your area, support with policy drafting and wording for your neighbourhood plan and delivering public engagement events and workshops

    They have produced an online guide to policy writing and community engagement for low-carbon neighbourhood plans.

  • Local council Action Planning Days
    CSE offer a one-day group conference (currently online) for town, parish councillors and clerks to support their climate action planning. This aims to provide targeted support that will help parishes take action in the way that is most appropriate to their area.  Workshops can be run for whole counties, district-wide or for individual councils. 

The Local Government Association
They have some useful resources focused on climate change including a free monthly Climate Change Bulletin which gives you best practice examples and the latest news for councils. They also have a Climate Emergency Knowledge Hub Group, a platform where councils who have declared a climate emergency or made any other type of commitment to reduce carbon, can share information and experiences.

Ashden Climate Action Co-Benefits Toolkit
Ashden has developed a toolkit to support local authorities and others on their climate ambitions. It demonstrated how action on climate change can also deliver many local benefits, including improved health, increased equity and social cohesion, economic opportunities, and increased resilience.

20 actions parish and town councils can take on the climate and nature emergency 
In this guide, Friends Of the Earth identify actions that parish and town councils can take on climate change and nature.


Climate Emergency UK
Lists all the Council’s across the UK who have declared a climate emergency, including Town and Parish Councils. It provides case studies of how other councils have approached the issue and other resources and guides.

Climate Reframe Project
The Climate Reframe project aims to highlight some of the best Black, Brown, Asian, People of Colour and UK based Indigenous Peoples who are climate experts, campaigners and advocates living and working in the UK. The project aims to make it easier for media, funders, conferences, and campaigns to find them and strengthen their work. 

Britain Talks Climate
Britain Talks Climate, by climate outreach, is an evidence-based toolkit designed to support any organisation that wants to engage the British public on climate change. It aims to equip campaigners and communicators with better understanding of the different segments of British public needed for effective engagement across the whole of society.

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2. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) | Factsheets
CSE have produced information sheets on energy efficiency, domestic renewable energy and more. Free to download and distribute.

Energy Saving Trust
National organisation providing impartial advice and information on energy efficiency, renewable energy, transport and water. Comprehensive website and free phone number for advice and information. Can also provide talks, leaflets, stalls at events etc.

Local Sustainable Energy Assessment Matrix
How good is your local area at sustainable energy?  CSE has created the Local Sustainable Energy Assessment Matrix – a paper and pen assessment tool to help community organisations, local authorities or anyone else who is interested to benchmark their area’s current performance and identify and prioritise opportunities for improvement.

Energy Local
Energy Local has designed a means for local people to benefit from local energy through Energy Local Clubs. This enables households to club together and show they are using local, clean power when it is generated. They agree a better price for local generators and reduce their bills. 

Pure Leapfrog
Pure Leapfrog provides social investment and professional support to community energy projects in the UK. They have provided low cost loans and professional support to over 100 community energy projects. This has included the first social housing solar PV project by a community project and the first community-owned LED project.  

Sharenergy helps communities to set up and own renewable energy societiesYou could join an existing society and make a decent return while making a difference. Or they can help you start something new.

Community Energy Website
Government-led website to help communities take up opportunities to become more energy self-sufficient.

A matchmaking service for community energy groups and the owners of sites with renewable energy potential

Onshore Wind Guidance for Community Energy Groups
Changes to the planning regime in 2015 mean that onshore wind will only be granted planning permission if the proposed development site is in an area identified as suitable by a Local or Neighbourhood Plan. The Centre for Sustainable Energy have a guidance document to help community groups identify suitable areas for onshore wind development in their Neighbourhood Plan.

Common Concerns About Wind Power
A popular booklet exploring common concerns about wind power. The second edition is now available online.

Community Energy: A practical guide to reclaiming power
Community Energy: A practical guide to reclaiming power, produced by Friends of the Earth EuropeEnergy Cities and, is a handbook packed with instructions, practical tips and invaluable resources to help build a local, community-led renewable energy revolution in Europe.   

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3. Climate Science

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
IPCC United Nations body for assessing the science related to climate change. Every 7 years, the IPCC prepares comprehensive Assessment Reports about the latest science behind climate change, its causes, potential impacts, and response options. They are currently on the Sixth Assessment cycle which will complete in 2022.

UK Met Office Climate Projections
The most up to date (September 2019) national climate projections for the United Kingdom


The Tyndall Carbon Budget Tool 
The Tyndall Carbon Budget Tool presents climate change targets for UK local authority areas that are based on the commitments in the United Nations Paris Agreement, informed by the latest science on climate change and defined by science based carbon budget setting.

Climate Visual Images
A collection of curated climate images based on social research with thousands of people in Europe and America, plus guidance and practical resources to spark a more diverse, engaging and compelling iconography for climate change. The Climate Visuals image library includes nearly 400 images.

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4. Funding

Rural Community Energy Fund
The Rural Community Energy Fund is being delivered by the South West Energy Hub and offers support to eligible communities for renewable energy projects. A feasibility grant is available for communities at an early stage of exploring the possibility of a renewable energy project, or development funding is available for projects that have a good chance of securing planning permission.

Salix provide funding for parish, town and community councils looking to undertake energy efficiency projects. Salix can support over 100 different energy efficiency technology types, including boilers, LED and lighting upgrades. Projects commonly involve upgrading street lighting and footpath lights, and public buildings such as village halls.

Quartet Community Foundation
The Quarter Community Foundation (QCF) awards grants to support charitable community based work – they have a list of available grant programmes on their website here.

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5. Carbon Footprint Calculators

Pawprint is a new online tool that helps you measure, understand, and reduce your carbon footprint. The Pawprint web app allows you to calculate your personal carbon score with a science-based calculator (data has been validated by leading carbon expert, Mike Berners-Lee) and stay motivated to reduce your impact via pawprint's challenges and nudges.

Giki Zero aims to help you discover your footprint, find steps to reduce it and celebrate your successes. A Giki score provides a single measure covering everything you are doing. It is calculated based on your footprint and the steps you are taking, and the steps you have completed.  Each time you take a step, complete one, or cut your footprint, your score goes up. 

360° carbon for churches 
360°carbon is a collaborative, web-based tool which enables churches to measure their carbon footprint from different activities – energy, travel, food, waste, water and other expenditure.

Impact - New Parish Carbon Footprint Tool
Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE), as part of their Climate Emergency Support Programme, has launched a community-scale carbon footprint tool - Impact. The aim of the tool is to provide small communities data on their carbon emissions, allowing them to identify where they can make a significant dent in local emissions.

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