Past Events

The Story of Plastic

Thu, 14/01/2021

Virtual Film Screening | Discussion
Thursday 14th January, 7.30pm
Organised by Transition Buxton
Limited Spaces

Transition Buxton is offering you a chance to view the film - ‘The Story of Plastic'. With original animation and archival industry footage since the 1930s, ‘The Story of Plastic’ (approx. 90m) takes a sweeping look at the man-made crisis of plastic pollution and the worldwide effect it has on the health of our planet.

To follow up, they will be hosting a Zoom call (Thursday 14th January at 7.30pm) to discuss the film's issues.

If interested, please email .

What does NHS England's Net-Zero Plan Mean for Clinical Practice?

Thu, 14/01/2021

Thursday 14th January, 10am – 11am
Organised by UK Health Alliance on Climate Change

Sir Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, announced in October 2020 that the health service would aim to become carbon-neutral by 2040. Currently the Health and Care system in England is responsible for around 4-5% of the country’s carbon footprint.

In this webinar, Dr Richard Smith, Chair of the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, will be joined by Dr Nick Watts, NHS England’s Chief Sustainability Officer, who led the development of 'Greener NHS' plan for net-zero. He'll discuss present the main headlines from the net-zero report and will answer questions like - how will it be implemented and achieved? What does it mean for clinical practice? 

Home Insulation Workshop

Thu, 07/01/2021

Virtual Eco-homes workshop
Thursday 7 January, 7.00pm – 8.15pm
Organised by Transition Chesterfield and Derbyshire Climate Coalition

Out of a total housing stock of around 27 million, 71% or 19 million homes in the UK are considered to have low energy efficiency (an EPC rating below C).

Homes account for around 15% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions through their use of oil and gas for heating and hot water. Insulating or draught-proofing your home can significantly reduce heat loss and energy consumption.

In this virtual workshop, three owners from across Derby and Derbyshire who have installed different types of insulation in their homes, including external insulation, internal wall insulation, and loft insulation will share their experiences.

For more information about how to join:  

Extinction Rebellion Virtual Talks

Tue, 22/12/2020

Extinction Rebellion Virtual Talks
Via Zoom

  1. Heading for Extinction
    Organised by XR Midlands

    This talk is recommended for anyone who wants an introduction to climate issues. They will explain the science behind the climate and ecological emergency and introduce XR’s approach to bringing about the change we need.

    They will be running this talk twice:

  2. Welcome & Introduction to XR
    Thursday 10th December
    7pm – 8.30pm
    Organised by XR Nottingham. 

    This talk aims to give you an introduction to Extinction Rebellion (XR). They will talk you through their campaign demands and principles, and what has been happening in Nottingham. There will be space to ask questions and connect with like-minded people.


Christmas & End of Year Celebration

Wed, 16/12/2020

Wednesday 16th December
8pm – 9pm 
Via Zoom
Organised by Plastic Free Chesterfield

On 16th December, Chesterfield Borough Council will be passing a motion to officially support Plastic Free Chesterfield’s campaign, ticking off one of the objectives to become an accredited Plastic Free Community. 

To mark this milestone, join them for a fun social to celebrate all the amazing work they have done this year, from signing up businesses to become Plastic Free Champions, to hosting online events with Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Surfers Against Sewage.

The group are also challenging you to come up with lyrics for the Twelve Plastic Free Days of Christmas for a sing-along! 

Waste Not Cafe Takeaway Meal

Sun, 13/12/2020

Sunday 13th December, evening
Chesterfield Baptist Church
Organised by Waste Not Cafe Chesterfield

Waste Not Cafe Chesterfield are putting on an affordable two course vegetarian and vegan takeaway meal. A menu and booking will be available from Friday 11th December. Collection will be from Chesterfield Baptist Church on Cross Street. 

The community project aims to reduce food waste whilst tackling food poverty by donating profits to emergency food provision organisations. The food used for the meal will be surplus food that would have otherwise been thrown away from supermarkets, cooked up by local volunteers.

Waste Not Cafe asks for a suggested donation of £2.50 for adults and £1.50 for kids.

If interested, please email

UKWIN Policy Suggestions Meeting

Tue, 08/12/2020


UKWIN Policy Suggestions Meeting
Tuesday 8th December, 4pm – 6pm
Via Zoom
Organised by United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN)

UKWIN, a network of anti-incineration campaigners, is holding a Zoom meeting to discuss their policy proposals for England that would help us shift from incineration towards a circular economy. They encourage you to invite your MP to attend too.

They have set out three key proposal to address the serious threats posed by waste:

  • Introduce an immediate suspension on new waste incineration capacity.
  • Phase in an escalating incineration tax to complement the landfill tax; and
  • Adopt meaningful municipal waste reduction targets for total and residual waste.

For more information or to register:

They also inviting you to sign an open letter to Boris Johnson. The letter calls for a transition to a circular economy without more waste incineration. Signatories include UKWIN, Biofuelwatch, Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion, Friends of the Earth, and many MPs.

To read and sign the letter:

Free Expert - led Mini-Seminars 

Thu, 19/11/2020


40 - 60 minutes
Via Zoom
Organised by Transition Buxton

To join in, please email You will receive an ‘invitation’ to join via a zoom link the day before the mini - seminar.  

  • Participatory Budgeting
    Alan Budge
    Thursday 22nd October

Alan Budge, who lives in Buxton and helped to write the Buxton Economic Resilience Study (2016), has worked to support the development of Participatory Budgeting (PB) across the UK for the last 15 years. He has a particular interest in ‘Green’ Participatory Budgeting, where community decision-making can be harnessed to help address the challenges posed by climate change.  Alan will share his ‘Our Planet, Our Money’ themed Ted Talk then discuss how these tools and methods could be used locally to increase local influence or local public spending.

  • Buxton Neighbourhood Plan
    Jane Reynolds, Joe Dugdale & Richard Silson
    Thursday 5th November

Buxton is unusual in not being ‘Parished’, i.e. it does not have its own Town Council - that means that all decisions about Buxton, including planning matters, are decided at by the Borough Council. Planning is always sensitive and often decisions are made by officers following national guidance, at present that is enshrined in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Local Plan. There is a way that the people who live & work in Buxton can shape local planning policy: a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). This is a formal planning document created by local people for their Neighbourhood which then has the same force in planning decisions as the Local Plan. A group of volunteers have made a start by creating a Community Interest Company (CIC) to be the ‘Accountable Body’ in place of a Town. The CIC has no power and only one objective, to produce the NDP. Find out more during this webinar

  • ‘Me and My Electricity’
    Peter Ranson
    Thursday 19th November

Peter will share his non-technical story of how he has been able to establish a home energy system which minimises the use of electricity from the grid whilst maximizing the use of the solar power generated from his panels. Peter’s story may be useful for anyone considering going down a similar route. It is aimed at anyone with limited electrical expertise.

You can watch recorded versions of previous mini seminars if you missed them here:

What's the harm in flying?

Thu, 19/11/2020

Thursday 19th November, 7.30pm – 9pm
Via Zoom
Organised by Low Carbon Oxford North (LCON)

How does flying affect your personal carbon footprint? What are the prospects for low-carbon flights? If we have to cut back, how can we do this fairly?

Dr Sally Cairns, Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds, and Rebecca Nestor, LCON trustee, will explore the link between air travel and climate change. They will also discuss the environmental realities of flying alongside its psychological appeal and emotional power.

To join, register here:

Tips for a Plastic-Free Christmas

Wed, 18/11/2020

Wednesday 18th November, 7pm
Via Zoom 
Organised by Plastic Free Chesterfield

Here, Ruth Strange from Ethical Consumer will be your guide to enjoying a plastic-free Christmas.

Consumers have the power to ditch single-use plastic and put pressure on corporates to do the same.  With shoppers in the UK spending over £2 billion over the holiday months, Christmas seems to be a time for spending, and many businesses tend to rely on festivities.  

For this reason, Christmas might be the best time to cut pointless packaging out and to support ethical companies. 

Register here: