Past Events

'How to Give Up Plastic' webinar

Wed, 10/06/2020

Wednesday June 10th, 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Organised by Plastic Free Chesterfield

To mark their first birthday, Plastic Free Chesterfield is hosting a free webinar with Will McCallum, author and Head of Oceans at Greenpeace UK.

Will McCallum has been at the heart of the anti-plastics movement for the past three years. He set up, and is leading, the global Greenpeace campaign to create the world’s largest protected area in the Antarctic Ocean.

Will has put everything he’s learnt into his book, 'How to Give Up Plastic: A Guide to Changing the World, One Plastic Bottle at a Time'. In this webinar, he will share tips and tricks to help you reduce your plastic footprint.

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The National Forest – a new model for sustainable living

Wed, 10/06/2020

Wednesday 10th June, 7.30pm - 8.30pm 
Organised by University Of Derby

The University of Derby is continuing its series of webinars about climate change science and action hosted by the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, in collaboration with local partners.  In this webinar, they welcome Louise Driver - Director of Operations from the National Forest Company.

With the climate crisis now threatening humanity, the National Forest provides a real example of how we can mitigate and adapt to develop the foundations for more sustainable living. Louise will explore the National Forest’s ambitions, its role in helping us to re-imagine our society, and the need for hope in an uncertain world. 

Louise has spent 20 years in local government developing economic and rural policy, strategy and effective partnerships, before moving to the National Forest Company in June 2019.

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Trio of Free Virtual Mini-Seminars

Thu, 04/06/2020

Transition Buxton will be holding three short interactive sessions via Zoom for free. Each session will start with a presentation (approx. 20mins) from a guest speaker who is an expert in their respective field. This will be followed by Q&A.

To join in, please register for each session in advance via  You will then receive an ‘invitation’ to join via a Zoom link.

  • What We Need To Do Now’ by Chris Goodall
    Thursday 7th May, 7:30pm

Chris Goodall’s book offers a set of solutions to each of the main challenges posed by global heating including energy supply, housing, food, clothing and manufacturing problem areas, such as cement and steel. It finishes by looking briefly at the opportunities for direct capture of CO2 from air, a carbon tax and dividend system, and the possible benefits and costs of tinkering with the reflectivity of the Earth’s atmosphere.

  • People Powered Retrofit’ by Jonathan Atkinson
    Thursday 21st May, 7:30pm

Jonathan Atkinson from Carbon Coop in Manchester will talk about a community led project for improving comfort and lowering carbon in existing housing. Instead of the top-down one-size-fits-all approach taken in some government initiatives, the Carbon coop take a bottom up approach to retrofit. They look at local needs and resources to build partnerships between households and local firms.

  • From Consumer Culture to Sustainability’ by Dr Terry Newholm
    Thursday 4th June, 7:30pm

From Consumer Culture to Sustainability, Dr Terry Newholm will illustrate the complex challenge we face in trying to address climate change and species loss. Dr Newholm who was co-author of The Ethical Consumer in 2005 is currently Hon. Reader in Consumption Ethics at University of Manchester. One of his key areas of interest is in ethical consumption in a world where human activity is increasingly seen as having a detrimental effect on our environment.

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Leading the Energy Transition Webinar Series

Tue, 02/06/2020

Organised by Regen
Over the coming weeks, Regen will be hosting a series of in-depth interviews with key players in the transformation of our energy system. The first two interviews are open to booking:

  • Operating a zero carbon energy system
    Fintan Slye, Director of the System Operator at National Grid
    Monday 11th May, 4.00pm
    Book here
  • Raising the ambition of international climate action
    Nigel Topping, UK High Level Climate Action Champion
    Tuesday 2nd June, 11.30am
    Book here

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Climate Change and Our Forests

Wed, 27/05/2020

Wednesday 27th May, 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Organised by University Of Derby

The University of Derby is resuming the series of events about climate change science and action hosted by the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, in collaboration with local partners. They have adapted their new events to an online format.

This is the second of three new online seminars planned. Professor Rob MacKenzie, Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Birmingham, will explore and explain the impact that rising CO2 levels have on forests around the world.  He will also talk about one of the largest global change experiments in the world which investigates how trees are affected by changes in our atmosphere and how these changes are propagated to other animals, plants, and microbes living in forests.

Professor MacKenzie has the academic lead for BIFoR FACE, a £15M research project that led to the establishment of the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research and assesses how increasing CO2 levels affect forest ecosystems.  

Online Meeting for Climate Change-focused Community Groups

Wed, 20/05/2020

Wednesday 20th May, 7pm-8pm (log on from 6:45pm if you’re new to Zoom and would like some help with understanding how it works)
Log on via this link: 
Meeting ID: 837 4197 1389
Organised by Community Climate Action Network/Marches Energy Agency
This will be:

  • A follow up on our meeting last month
  • An informal opportunity to ‘meet’ with people from other climate change-focused community groups in the Nottingham/Nottinghamshire/Derby/Derbyshire area.
  • A chance to hear about what other community groups are doing
  • An opportunity to talk about what support you might want from the Community Climate Action Network in the next few months (while life is very different to normal) and in the future. This could be more Zoom meetings, more content on our website or something else.
  • A chance to meet the new project lead - Peter Burgess - Allen. Peter will now be running our work in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, especially with the Local Authority Energy Partnership and community groups.

A huge thank you to everyone who joined our first community Zoom meeting last month. We hope that it was useful. We discussed how you wanted to be supported through the COVID-19 crisis and in the future.  It was also great hearing about what community groups in the region were doing to move forward. 

There was a strong sense that many of you would like to be in better communication with similar groups in the region and with your local MPs.  We are planning ways in which we can support your communications with local MPs and make sure your concerns are being raised with relevant policy makers in your region. We’ll let you know about that soon! 

In the meantime, we are aiming to run Zoom meetings regularly to give community groups a chance to informally meet and share ideas. Our next Zoom meeting will be on Wednesday 20th May from 7pm till 8pm. This will also be an opportunity to let us know what support you would like from us.  

As an example of the kind of support we might offer, we organised a Zoom conference on the topic of Community-led Sustainable Transport back in June 2018. You can see a recording of it here. There is the potential for us to run this kind of event again (with different topics) if groups feel it would be of use in this time.

Are Emerging Diseases Part of Climate Change?

Wed, 20/05/2020

Wednesday 20th May, 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Organised by University Of Derby

The University of Derby is resuming the series of events about climate change science and action hosted by the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, in collaboration with local partners. They have adapted their new events to an online format.

This is the first of three new online seminars planned. Dr Richard Williams, from the University of Derby, will summarise the history of disease pandemics, discuss how disease distributions are affected by climate and examine what evidence exists that disease distributions will change as climatic conditions change. Richard is a researcher at the University of Derby who works on the ecology of bird viruses.  The talk will be followed by a Q&A with Richard.

Once you have signed up, you will receive a link to participate. If you can no longer make it, please let them know as places are limited.

You can register to this and future online climate change events here.  (Note: booking for this event will open Thursday 7th May).

'The Story of Plastic' Online Watch-party and Discussion

Mon, 18/05/2020

Monday 18th May, 7.30pm (via Zoom)
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Organised by Plastic Free Chesterfield

Plastic Free Chesterfield are offering Chesterfield residents the chance to watch the new film ‘The Story of Plastic’ online. With original animation and archival industry footage since the 1930s, ‘The Story of Plastic’ (approx. 90m) takes a sweeping look at the man-made crisis of plastic pollution and the worldwide effect it has on the health of our planet.

To follow up, they will be hosting a Zoom call to discuss the film's issues alongside Chesterfield waste expert, Jez Bannister of Aspire Waste Management. Jez has 20 years’ experience in waste management for a market leading company and now dedicates his work to helping local businesses reduce their waste.  The Zoom will be recorded for anyone who is unable to make it.

To receive a link to watch the film, please sign up via eventbrite here

For more information on how to join the Zoom: 

Please note, this is only open to Chesterfield resident and workers as there are limited tickets

Our Zero Carbon Reality: Transport

Sat, 25/04/2020

Saturday 25th April, 9.45am – 1.00pm
Imperial Rooms, Matlock  
Organised by Derbyshire Climate Coalition

This is an expert-led workshop to explore how a zero carbon transport system in Derbyshire could be created. It is part of a series of workshops designed to support Derbyshire’s communities and councils to develop and implement the evidence-based carbon reduction targets needed to achieve a zero carbon society. The event will bring together experts and examples of best practice with councillors, council officers and grassroots groups. Confirmed speakers are:

  • A radical transport response to the climate emergency
    Lisa Hopkinson, Associate of Transport for Quality of Life
  • A sustainable transport system for Derbyshire – putting the Green New Deal into action?
    Alistair Kirkbride, freelance transport consultant.
  • School streets – creating traffic-free space and promoting walking and cycling to school
    David Clasby, Partnership Manager, Sustrans East Midlands
  • Planning for active travel – how to better integrate walking and cycling into the planning process
    Alastair Meikle, Secretary Chesterfield Cycle Campaign

For more information about the speakers and/or to register, please visit this Eventbrite

Feedback from September 2019's “Our Zero Carbon Reality: Housing” workshop include:

"It was really energising"                              "Brilliant morning at "Our Zero Carbon Housing workshop"

                              "Interesting and knowledgeable speakers"

"Lively discussion between councillors and local people learning together and discussing solutions to achieve zero  carbon housing".


'A Plastic Wave' online watch-party

Wed, 22/04/2020

Wednesday 22nd April, 7pm
Organised by Plastic Free Chesterfield

To mark Earth Day 2020, Plastic Free Chesterfield is hosting an online watch party and discussion. Participants will jointly watch the UK documentary film 'A Plastic Wave' (25 mins), online. Afterwards, there will be a chance, via an online WebEx teleconference, to discuss the film and what actions can be taken locally to clamp down on single-use plastic pollution.

The film summary reads "A surf photographer, business owner and father of two is seeing more and more plastic wash ashore his beloved home beach. In a bid to discover the route of this problem he embarks on a journey of discovery to educate himself and understand more about the problem. Along the way, he discovers some alarming issues."

For more information on how to join: