Use energy wisely

Use Energy Wisely

It is very easy to waste energy as we can't see it leaking out or disappearing without being used. The simplest way to stop electricity being wasted is to turn off everything that can be turned off at the plug when you have finished using it. Many items left on standby add up to a lot of wasted energy; according to the Energy Saving Trust the average home spends £30 a year on energy as a result of leaving things on standby.

Smart Meters

If you would like to be able to ‘see’ what you’re using you can apply for a Smart Meter from your energy supplier. Smart meters are a new generation of electricity and gas meters which will replace traditional meters in our homes. Every home in England will be offered one by their energy supplier, at no cost, before 2020.

Smart meters will enable you to see exactly how much energy you are using, and what it is costing you in pounds and pence via a handheld digital device in your home. By turning things on and off around your house you can see the difference this makes and adjust your habits accordingly. This will allow you to be more in control of how much energy you use.

Smart Meters also take regular meter readings and share then with your energy supplier through a wireless network, ending estimating bills and manual meter readings.

Find out more on the Smart Energy GB website.

Energy Monitors

If you would rather not have a Smart Meter, or if your supplier has not installed yours yet, then it is possible to buy an Energy Monitor which attaches to your current meter and shows you what you are using. This won’t send readings to your supplier but it will show you what you are using. It can also be removed if you no longer wish to use it. These monitors cost from around £30 and the Energy Saving Trust has estimated that they tend to save households between 5% and 15% in the first year they are used.