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Transition Buxton's Repair Cafe

Sat, 22/01/2022

Saturday 22nd January, 10am – 2pm
4th Saturday of the month
Buxton Methodist Church, Market Place
Organised by Transition Buxton

Bring your broken items to see if you can extend their life. Their next repair café in January will likely take the total CO2 saved as a result of repairs in Buxton to over 5 tonnes!

Jean Ball from Transition Buxton said “The Transition Towns movement is committed to harnessing the talents and passions of local people to help us to turn our positive vision and ideas for sustainability into a tangible reality, initiating practical projects and starting to build a new, healthy economy in the place we live.  It really is amazing the skills and resources we have within our community if people are willing to share.”

Circumstances may change so please keep an eye on their website Facebook page 

*Please consider donating what you think is fair and can afford to help cover their costs.


Potato Day 2022

Sat, 29/01/2022

Saturday 29th January
Organised by Transition Chesterfield

Get ready to plant some seeds in the new year and start growing your own food! Potato Day is an annual volunteer-run event, now in its 14th year, where Transition Chesterfield provide different varieties of seed, potatoes, alliums, and legumes for growers. After a slow start, they had a record number of orders this year! 

Anyone who has pre-ordered potatoes and other seeds can collect from the Pavements Shopping Centre on the day. But they will also have a market stall to sell surplus stock:

Collect pre-orders
9am –12pm (the Pavements)

Surplus stock sale
10am – 1.30pm (the market)

As usual, volunteers are needed prior to and during the event. If interested, please email Alastair: 


Friends of the Earth Events

Mon, 31/01/2022

Via Zoom

Friends of the Earth are holding several webinars & consultation workshops aimed at climate action groups this month:

  • Webinars

    What is Climate Justice?
    Tuesday 18th January
    6.30pm – 7.45pm

  • Consultation Workshops

    7pm – 8.30pm

    Share your ideas, successes and challenges to help shape the next phase of climate action: 

    The Future of Local Climate Action
    Monday 17th January

    Beyond gas: How Do We Secure Warm, Safe Homes for All?
    Tuesday 25th January

    What Next For Our Nature Campaigning?
    Monday 31st January

More info and/or to register:


The Financial Risks of Fossil Fuel Investment

Tue, 08/02/2022

Tuesday 8th February
11am – 12pm
Organised by Derbyshire Pensioners’ Action Group

This webinar, chaired by Derbyshire County Councillor Gez Kinsella, is aimed at Derbyshire County and District Councillors. It will look at the evidence about the financial risks of fossil fuel investment and answer questions that Councillors may have about the Derbyshire Pension Fund’s continued investment in fossil fuels and possible alternatives. 

Mark Campanale, Founder and Executive Chair of Carbon Tracker, will participate in the discussion.


Schools vs. Climate Change

Sun, 20/02/2022

Monday 10th January – Sunday 20th February 2022 (6 weeks)
Organised by Planet Super League

Represent your school, score green goals, play for the planet! Schools vs. Climate Change is a national schools competition ran by to raise awareness of climate action, whilst having fun and scoring green goals.

The aim of the competition is to educate pupils and their families to reduce their carbon footprint, as they represent their school. Planet Super League work with more than 50 professional football clubs to promote climate action in a fun, competitive way.
Every activity completed will score green goals and help your school climb the league table.
How does my school get involved?

  • Visit
  • Download the Letter to Parents template, Assembly, Guidance and Classroom packs free of charge to use as you wish
  • Promote the opportunity to children and staff through an assembly and encourage them to sign up at home for free
  • Complete activities in school & encourage children to score more goals with their families at home
  • Watch your school climb the league table and see the impact you are having.

Watch a case study video of Irthlingborough Junior School (Northampton) here.
For more information contact or visit 


Derbyshire Eco Centre Courses

Sun, 06/03/2022

Want to learn something new in 2022? Derbyshire Eco Centre, a Derbyshire County Council Adult Education Centre, is the county hub for sustainability learning. Upcoming courses at the centre, near Wirksworth, include:

  • Hedgelaying
    Saturday 12th February to
    Sunday 13th February 2022
    9.30am to 4pm
    £46 - £91

    Learn to lay a hedge in the traditional Derbyshire style, for the benefit of wildlife and the landscape.

  • Practical Woodland Management
    Friday 4th March to
    Sunday 6th March 2022
    9.30am to 4pm (over 3 days)

    Learn how to fell small trees safely using hand tools and find suitable uses for the timber

More courses: 


Think Like A Tree

Sun, 13/03/2022

Six Week Programme
Sunday 6th February – 13th March

Think like a Tree, founded by Derbyshire resident Sarah Spencer, is a book and a course with the aim of supporting people with their wellbeing through learning from nature.  

Unlock nature’s secrets to your happiness, health, wellbeing and living a life that benefits you and the world. 


Any questions:


Sustainable Living Tour - Hockerton Housing Project

Sat, 22/10/2022

Organised by Hockerton Housing Project
Up to £20

Do you want to see what low carbon living might look like? The Hockerton Housing Project is a small community of five earth sheltered homes built in 1998 on the outskirts of Hockerton, Nottinghamshire, UK.

They are offering tours around their site on the following dates:

  • Saturday 5th March
  • Saturday 7th May
  • Saturday 11th June
  • Saturday 10th September
  • Saturday 22nd October

N.B:-  All tours start at 2pm.


Hayfield Smallholding Tour

Sat, 31/12/2022

Hayfield, Derbyshire
Organised by James Ellson
From £12/person

Are you interested in learning more about sustainable living, growing your own food, keeping chickens, and beekeeping?

James Ellson runs tours of his smallholding in Hayfield, usually on Sunday mornings, focused on sustainable living.

You will:

  • Tour the vegetable garden. Discuss permaculture, inter-cropping, perennials, no-dig, and pests. 
  • Tour the fruit and nut trees. Discuss growing, grafting and crossing apples and other fruit. 
  • Watch the bees and learn more about beekeeping. Try on a bee suit. Taste the honey.
  • See the solar panels, wood pellet boiler, smart meter. Discuss all the energy systems.
  • And more... 

More info: 

Sustainability Talks by James Ellson...

James Ellson is available for in-person or online talks (£75 plus travel from Hayfield) on a variety of sustainability topics. Talks available include:

  • Living sustainably – is it really possible? Tips for eating and living more sustainably in order to combat global warming
  • I Ate My Last Herefordshire Russet This Morning – An Introduction To Growing Apple Trees inc. a demonstration of whip and tongue grafting
  • A Turkey is Just for Christmas – Winter On the Smallholding 

More info:     



Refills on the Road

Sat, 31/12/2022

Various Locations in Derbyshire

Refills on the Road is a mobile zero waste shop visiting several locations around Derbyshire. The van carries 160 dry foods, 33 herbs & spices, 20 cleaning products, and a variety of plastic free toiletries and home items.

Bring your own container, buy by weight, avoid single-use plastic packaging. The van is now serving Duffield on a fortnightly basis.

Product list:
Location list:
Up-to-date information via Facebook