Carbon Foot-printing at Bolsover District Council

Representatives from the Marches Energy Agency visited Bolsover yesterday (16th June 2010) to give information and advice about climate change and home energy efficiency. Employees of the Bolsover district council, as well as the general public, were give the opportunity to work out their individual carbon footprint using a simple carbon footprint calculator.
On average the people of Bolsover were doing well with their efforts, nearly everyone we spoke to was doing something to reduce their carbon footprint, however they still had an average carbon footprint of 11,212kg. There is always something that could be improved to get those footprints down even lower and the 5-section carbon footprint calculator showed each individual the area that could best be improved for them; Be it using air travel less or buying more locally produced or organic food.
Using energy efficient light bulbs was a popular method that people reported already doing in their home to keep their carbon emissions down and we aimed to encourage this by giving out free energy saving bulbs to all that wanted them. Each bulb gives out 100 watts worth of light using only 18 watts of electricity!
We received queries about energy monitors for the home, local wind farm plans, low flush toilets and energy saving lighting. Many people were keen to look at our light bulb library and were pleased to see that a new range of energy efficient lighting is being brought out. There was some discussion about issues people were having with the traditional low energy bulbs and we were able to give advice on these issues.
Over all, the carbon footprint calculators were very popular and often people were pleased to learn that their efforts were having a significant impact on their carbon emissions.