UK Provides £1 Billion to Tackle Climate Change in Developing Countries

The UK has allocated more than two thirds of its Fast Start Finance, which is helping the poorest and most vulnerable to adapt to climate change, putting it well on track to meet its £1.5bn commitment by the end of 2012. Developed countries pledged to provide approaching $30 billion of Fast Start Finance between 2010-12 at the Copenhagen climate talks in 2009, with the UK contributing £1.5bn.

Fast Start finance for 2011 and 2012 is funded from the UK government’s £2.9bn International Climate Fund (ICF). The ICF aims to help developing countries tackle climate change and adapt to the effects of global warming. Projects include £150 million to fund the Clean Technology Fund which will support project such as low carbon public transport systems and promote energy efficiency in Nigeria. It is expected these projects will save 47 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Help With Fuel Poverty

A new website can help you to work out if you are in fuel poverty and find assistance to get out of it. Turn to Us have developed a website which allows you to calculate if you are spending more than 10% of your income on fuel bills (the government’s definition of fuel poverty), check you are receiving all benefits you are entitled to and search for grants toward energy efficiency improvements for your home.



Risks of No Action on Climate Change

The results of a new scientific assessment on the physical impacts of climate change for more than 20 countries show that if greenhouse gas emissions are left unchecked global temperatures will rise between 3-5°C this century. This could be accompanied by significant changes in rainfall patterns, leading in many cases to increased pressure on crop production, water stress and flood risks.

It is generally accepted that to give ourselves the best chance of avoiding the worst impacts of climate change the rise in global temperature needs to be kept at below 2°C. The study shows that some of the most significant impacts of climate change could be reduced significantly if we do take action.

Energy Share Awards Made!

Four community groups have been awarded funding in the first round of the Energy Share scheme. Two hydro projects in Hexham and Shrewsbury, plus a photovoltaic project in Barnstaple and a wind project in Edinburgh, will receive funding to make their projects a reality. Almost 1000 groups applied in the first round with future rounds set to distribute millions of pounds.



Want a Car Share in Your Town?

The National Energy Foundation is running an E-Car Club Pilot project on behalf of Sustainable Ventures. The aim of the project is to test the feasibility of implementing an electric car share scheme within selected communities across the UK. Initially six to eight communities will be selected to be surveyed. These will then be narrowed down to three to take part in the trial in the first half of 2012.
Anyone interested in taking part in the study, and potentially in the trial itself, should complete NEF’s online survey