Nottinghamshire new Highway Design Guide, HVCA achieves charity status, and Derbyshire Dales Job Opportunity...

Local News In Brief (Jan 2021):

  • Nottinghamshire County Council has formally adopted a new Highway Design Guide which will help pave the way for low speed neighbourhoods that inspire residents to walk and cycle.    
  • Hope Valley Climate Action has successfully achieved Charity Status. They are still looking for additional Trustees. If interested, please contact Jeremy Wight at
  • Derbyshire Dales District Council is seeking to recruit a Climate Change Officer for a 5 year fixed term. Applications close 17th January. 

Shaping the Future Environment of the Derbyshire Dales | Survey update

Back in September 2020, the Derbyshire Dales Climate Hub, created a survey to give local residents, and people who work in the Dales, an opportunity to have their say about caring for their local environment. They were delighted to see that 1101 people, from a wide range of demographics, completed the survey in full!

The response suggests there is very strong support for a range of climate actions by local and national government! Initial results show that 95% of the respondents believe it a good or very good idea that local and national governments should support farmers to encourage biodiversity. They will share the final report later this month. 

If you have some time to spare (no matter how small) and would like to get involved in the hub, please email They are also keen to hear from, and work with, people who are involved in other local environmental initiatives across the Dales.    

Nottinghamshire’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle campaign

A new ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ campaign launches in Nottinghamshire to help boost recycling and raise funds for a local charity - My Sight Nottinghamshire.

For each recycling pledge made during January, Veolia are donating £1 to the charity. The first 200 people to make a pledge will receive a reusable Nottinghamshire Recycles water bottle. There is a chance to win an eco-hamper as well.

Potential pledges could be:

  • To check the recycling information online and put the right things in the right bin.
  • To tell 5 people that aerosol cans can go into the recycling bin at hom
  • To learn how to compost at home.

Nottinghamshire residents are encouraged to make a pledge online to reduce waste and improve lives of people living with sight loss.

Success for Transition Buxton’s “Hard to Recycle” scheme

Transition Buxton’s “Hard to Recycle” scheme has collected 100 kg of crisp packets in little over a year. A big congratulations to Transition Buxton for this fantastic achievement. Other weights collected include 20kg each of dental products, baby food pouches and pens.

Collections will continue during lockdown. The full list of items currently able to be recycled through this scheme can be found on their website or on the bins themselves.

Derek Bodey from Transition Buxton said ‘We hope people will avoid single use plastic wherever possible. Where that is not possible in the short term, we are providing a solution to stop at least some going to waste and landfill.’

High Peak Borough Council (HPBC) Climate Change Working Party

Are you interested in helping to shape the Council's work on addressing the climate emergency?

The High Peak Green Network (a network of 'Green' groups across the Borough) is working with the HPBC on their Climate Emergency declaration.  The HPBC subgroup will be meeting to discuss themes on the dates below.

  • Housing and Domestic Buildings
    Tuesday 19th January 
    6.30 – 8.30pm 
    N.B:- Change of date and time
  • Commercial Buildings and Industry
    Thursday 25th February
  • Agriculture and Land-Use
    Wednesday 24th March
  • Waste
    Wednesday 21st April
  • Energy Supply
    Wednesday 19th May

The network is looking for experts who can inform these topics.  If they wish, they can make a presentation to the Council group and/or submit ideas on topics. 

If you can contribute on any of these topics? Please contact Jeremy Wight with the words 'HPBC working party' in the subject heading.