Which lifestyle changes?

What's the one lifestyle change I could make that would have the most positive environmental impact?
Ditching the car, having no children, eating less meat? Go to this link for interesting responses from individuals and organisations, including EST, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth:


National Carbon Calculator

Try out this great carbon tool and pretend you are the new minister for Energy and Climate Change! Add wind turbines, increase industrial efficiency, reduce food waste, increase use of electric cars, balance energy demand and've got to try this out but... Warning: it's seriously addictive - do not look at this link unless you have at least 15 minutes to spare!


Targetting Fuel Poverty

How to use a local energy housing database to target fuel poverty - a practical guide for local authorities. The attached report was produced for Durham County Council for the Commission for Rural Communities. It looks very useful and well written. There is a focus on rural dwellings and an early reference to the government's Household Energy Management Strategy, emphasising the new, central role for local authorities in co-ordinating activities.


Greening the Public Sector

Green to be Lean
The Barbican, London 9th June 2010

This Event is CPD Certified

The UK public sector needs to reduce carbon emissions, maintain energy security, and also create economic opportunities. It is increasingly dependent on long supply chains, some of which originate in politically unstable parts of the world. By embedding sustainability into public sector policy, we can achieve a leaner, greener future. Read more.

This one day conference will be chaired by Colin Cram, Former Chief Executive, North West Centre of Excellence & Director, Marc1


Confirmed Speakers:

Fiona Ross - Director, Centre of Expertise in Sustainable Procurement
Julian Feasby - Head of Internal Environment Management, Environment Agency
Ken Cole - Commercial and Procurement Advisor, Capital Ambition (former Director of the London Centre of Excellence)
Elaine Preston - Divisional Sustainability Manager, Interserve's Facilities Management
Dr Rachel Mason-Jones - Head of Supply Chain Management, University of Glamorgan
Shaun McCarthy - Chair of the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 and Director of Action Sustainability
Tickets are Limited to 250 and are awarded on a first come first serve basis

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Closure of the Low Carbon Building Programme

The Low Carbon Buildings Programme has now closed as of 6am this morning.

Please see the DECC website for more details for more details.

Those already with offer letters can still claim their funding

Those with live applications submitted before the deadline will be assessed as normal.